April 2012: Our company (On-Prem) was initially established as Unscramble GK, but operations began in early 2013 when the idea for Jidoteki (On-Prem) first surfaced.

January 2014: We obtained small seed funding from OnLab , but have remained self-funded/bootstrapped/profitable since then.

November 2016: We launched Jidoteki Meta, an on-premises virtual appliance version of our Jidoteki SaaS.

February 2018: We renamed the product (Jidoteki) to On-Prem. Sorry for the confusion.

June 2020: We renamed our company from Unscramble to On-Prem.

April 2022: Our virtual appliance product, On-Prem Meta is EOL and we shifted our focus to hardware and embedded systems.

June 2022: We began working on a hardware solution to track physical assets on-premises and in datacenter racks. The first prototypes were completed, but the end-result didn't meet expectations.

June 2023: A new prototype was designed and built for monitoring devices in a datacenter. It will be ready to showcase soon™.

Why On-Prem?

We strongly believe security shouldn’t be an after-thought, and for many businesses, cloud alternatives are a deal-breaker. For this reason we set out to bring cloud services and solutions into the enterprise, while maintaining as much data security, privacy, and freedom as possible.

Although we've shifted our focus to hardware and the embedded world, our principles and vision towards on-premises remain the same, and we plan to continue moving in the direction of maintaining as much data security, privacy, and freedom in our products.

Corporate culture

Enjoy life.

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