About us

We have a small team including the founders, best friends for nearly 15 years: Patrice LaFlamme and Alexander Williams.

Alex worked at GitHub as a system administrator and developer in the enterprise team, focusing on GitHub's enterprise virtual appliance.

Pat is a software engineering graduate from Ottawa University and has over 10 years of network and system administration experience.


April 2012: Our company (Unscramble) was officially established, but operations began in early 2013 when the idea for Jidoteki (On-Prem) first surfaced.

January 2014: We obtained small seed funding from OnLab , but have been remained self-funded/bootstrapped/profitable since then.

February 2018: We renamed the product (Jidoteki) to On-Prem. Sorry for the confusion.


We're originally from Montreal, Canada, but currently living and working in beautiful Kamakura, Japan, facing the beach, and sharing a quiet office with three local freelancers.

Our work space pictured below


We care about small, lean, and focused software such as PicoLisp, SQLite, and TinyCore Linux. We're a bit "old school" and prefer stable, battle-tested, and well-designed technology.

Why On-Prem?

We strongly believe security shouldn’t be an after-thought, and for many businesses, cloud alternatives are a deal-breaker. For this reason we set out to bring cloud services into the enterprise, while maintaining as much data security, privacy, and freedom as possible. We also dislike Installer-based software, and want to help companies ship their software using better technologies.

Corporate culture

Enjoy life.

Careers, interns, freelancers

We occasionally hire paid interns and/or freelancers for various projects.

We're not currently hiring, but please send us your resume if you're interested in working with us.

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