(prices listed in USD)


$4,995 Free
(requires 1 year Meta license)

Meta license

$416 /month
($4,992 paid yearly)

Setup includes:
Initial appliance build
Admin API and UI
Update & management scripts
Application packaging support
Logging, debug, backup tools
No vendor lock-in
Consulting & onboarding
LUKS secure data encryption
Custom dependencies
Customizable Console GUI
Fully customized OVA
On-Prem Meta includes
everything in Setup and:
On-Prem Meta virtual appliance
1-year support, updates, new features
API and UI for creating builds
Create reproducible builds
You fully control your data
100% offline on-prem usage
1-click installation and updates
Slack integration
GitHub/BitBucket/Gitlab integration
Deploy your OVA as an AMI on AWS
Unlimited users and instances
Perpetual license

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